Sunrise on the glacier tounge


It was for sure out of the beaten tracks, that morning, we left the hut very early together with my friend and guide Simon.
We crossed the fresh and nicely smelling Aletsch forest and found a way down to the glacier tongue.

I was a bit nervous, as always when you realize you are in a particular area, I know that’s not a place I can come back very quickly.
You want to take an incredible photo, you keep searching while walking around. In the same time, we knew the terrain ist not very stable and can slide almost any moment.

I had in mind those typical glacier tongue photos, but I wasn’t that special until I saw the first sunrays coming up behind the threes of the Aletsch forest.

This was the photo thats morning. Will be hard to do any better in the next few hours.
Photography thought me a lot about life in the last few years. You focus on something, and suddenly you realize it is there, but you just have to turn and look on the other side.

#sunrise #aletsch #nature #aletschforest #aletschwald



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