United Nations Climate Report

The united nations climate report is published and can be downloded here. I really like the summary below: Overall, this report finds many reasons for optimism, but much work remains. It’s clear that business as usual simply isn’t good enough anymore. We must do more – much more – in areas related to mitigation, adaptation, … Weiterlesen United Nations Climate Report

Sunrise on the glacier tounge

It was for sure out of the beaten tracks, that morning, we left the hut very early together with my friend and guide Simon. We crossed the fresh and nicely smelling Aletsch forest and found a way down to the glacier tongue. I was a bit nervous, as always when you realize you are in … Weiterlesen Sunrise on the glacier tounge

Willkommen bei Glaciers.Today

We need to change Seit fast einem Jahrzent besuche und fotografiere ich immer wieder den Aletschgletscher ein wichtiges Elemnet der UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Region Am Anfang war ich einfach erstaunt über die Größe und die Tatsache, dass man beobachten kann, wie sich eine so riesige Eismasse langsam das Tal hinunter bewegt. All … Weiterlesen Willkommen bei Glaciers.Today